Game Art

Revolution! is my free expansion for the classic shooter game DOOMII


After 20 years it has been accepted as an official add-on for DOOM!

  • 2001: Original release of Revolution! featuring 32 maps and some custom artwork.
  • 2003: It won the community Cacoward for top 10 wads of 2001 and listed as one of the best 100 ever.
  • It became well-known in the demo/speedrunner scene.
  • 2016: James Paddock and talented team made a full MIDI soundtrack. I made bonus map33.
  • 2022: On the first day of QuakeCon, Revolution! became an official mod. You can install it in-game from Steam DOOM and DOOMII.

    Read more about it in the interview I had with Bethesda:
    interview with Bethesda's Nods to Mods.