Game Art

An independent game inspired by 3D shooters from the nineties like Duke Nukem 3D and Doom.
Originally released in 2009.
Now an OFFICIAL mod for Doom and Doom2!

Video Trailer


Harmony is a computer game made by Thomas van der Velden.
It uses the Zdoom engine (which was made to mimic/ enhance id Software's Doom2 engine).
The game features 11 maps, high resolution sprites and an MP3 soundtrack by Kyū.


Harmony is a free game packed with cool art work and action.

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version: 1.1
file size: 42 MB
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Concept Drawings

Sprite Models

These custom made clay models were turned into digital sprites:

Short Comic

Read the short comic telling the opening story of Harmony. You will need a PDF reader to view it [11 MB]